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Sense is created, materiality encountered and meaning is produced through constant transformation. Aligned in the row of preceding group exhibitions evoking „Sense(s)“ and delving „Beyond the Abstract and the Concrete“ this third group show curated by Kerstin Godschalk gathers around those „Transformations“. The body of selected works by Kunstfabrik HB55 tenants depicts the scope of action to modify the given.

Reality is conjoined by diverse organic and anorganic, material and immaterial strata traversed by more or less realistic reflections through space and time. Such as knowledge, reality is conceived and shaped through collective and individual focal points. We are all actors in a world exceeding postmodern dichotomies, where everything is intertwined, nothing pure objective nor less authentic and anything goes. We are constantly in motion.

The art works encountered are actively engaging with the production of reality and researching its substantiality. Unleashed by an active and creative process of transformations, the body of works is opening more than a scope of reflection, affirmation and critique. Depicting a decisive moment of intriguing realities through transformations, they are striving for action rather than hesitation leaving a last glimpse of fruitful doubt in the spectator.

An intangible range of possible emotions, recognitions, extensions, movements and transformations is unfolding in front of us. Artistic expression as a note within the concert of reality.

Kerstin Godschalk, April 2015