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Gallery Weekend 2015

Opening Reception
Wednesday April 29, 19h
Performance by Elmer Kussiac, 20:30h

Curatorial Tours
Saturday and Sunday May 2 and 3, 16:30h

L'espace de l'espèce presents
30.04, 02. and 03.05. 14-19h

Exhibiting artists: Joe Wray, Irene Stader, Stefan Reiss, Thorsten Kasper, Rieko Hotta, Tina Hopp, Elio Graziano, Claude Eigan

Sense is created, materiality encountered and meaning is produced through constant transformation. Aligned in the row of preceding group exhibitions evoking „Sense(s)“ and delving „Beyond the Abstract and the Concrete“ this third group show curated by Kerstin Godschalk gathers around those „Transformations“. The body of selected works by Kunstfabrik HB55 tenants depicts the scope of action to modify the given.

Reality is conjoined by diverse organic and anorganic, material and immaterial strata traversed by more or less realistic reflections through space and time. Read more...



L'espace de l'espèce presents:
"Palm Pebbles #3, Berlin"
Ariel Gout
30.04.-16.05., Thur-Sat 16-19h

Cautious and careful - the exhibition is centred around an in situ piece lending its name. Ariel Gout‘s Palm Pebbles are calmly unfolding in front of us tone in tone in a white space with muted shades of white and beige modestly engaging with one another. Their delicate play arises through their combination into a complex and intricate installation revealing a network woven through time and space.
Similar to Ariel Gout‘s interests her Palm Pebbles are growing in motion within temporal and spacial dimensions. Companions along her path and travels, they are growing in quantity and gain shapes throughout the acquisition of new impulses and experiences collected on her passage. Read more...



Opening Reception
Performance by Elmer Kussiac, 20:30h

Stefan Reiss‘ installation tacitly sounds. Its reduced colour and shapes, and the initial digital drawing are referencing a constructivist approach whilst he is composing a physical reality through digital cross linkage. The immaterial piece is substantially conjoined through the transformative processes of creation. A virtual and in its quality always extendable vectorial drawing is unleashed in a tangible installation which evolves and decays like a wave, frozen to be examined whilst turning from the stationary to the mobile.
Especially for the opening the installation rouses as a dynamic object against the muscial backdrop of the performance by „Elmer Kussiac“; physically expressing and transforming the musicality that is already intrinsic to the installation.

"Elmer Kussiac" features: Amelie Legrand: Cello, Tatsumi Ryusui: Guitar/Electronics, and Adam Goodwin: Double Bass


Open Studios
02. & 03.05.2015, 14-19h

Take a glimpse behind the doors of HB55 Kunstfabrik.

Participating Artists: Titti Anastasia Botticchio, Elio Graziano, Guro Gomo, Liat Grayver
, Knut Hertel, Derek Holzer, Tina Hopp, Marc Kettner, Andrew Mason, Philip Morgan, Stefan Reiss, René Sauerbrei, Aleks Slota, Irene Stader, Gabriele Stuckemeier, Studio Au02, Mathieu Wateau, Jonas Wetzel, Joe Wray, Rinetta Klinger, Voyage Vertical

OPEN STUDIOS Vorderhaus (VH)

Name Raum Lage Aufgang Datum
Elio Graziano 4.18 VH VH 3.5
Tina Hopp 4.10 VH VH 3.5

OPEN STUDIOS Fabrikgebäude (FG)

Name Raum Lage Aufgang Datum
Alex Slota 1.22 FG C 2+3.5
Andrew Mason 3.20 FG C 2+3.5
Derek Holzer 2.31 FG B 2.5 20-23h
Gabriele Stuckemeier 3.20 FG C 2+3.5
Guro Gomo 3.20 FG C 2+3.5
Irene Stader 1.23 FG C 2.5
Joey Wray 3.14 FG B 2.5
Jonas Wetzel 4.07 FG B 2+3.5
Knut Hertel 3.19 FG C 2+3.5
Liat Grayver 2.14 FG C 2+3.5
Marc Kettner 4.15 FG C 2+3.5
Mathieu Wateau 1.01 FG A 2+3.5
Philip Morgan 2.26 FG B 2+3.5 #1
René Sauerbrei Flur 1 FG A 2+3.5
Rinetta Klinger 4.09 FG B 2+3.5
Stefan Reiss 1.05 FG A 3.5
Stephen Matt 3.01 FG A 30.4
STUDIO AU02 2.41 FG A 2+3.5
Titti Anastasia Botticchio 3.14 FG B 2+3.5
Voyage Vertical 4.18 FG C 2+3.5

#1: 10 minute charcoal portraits to anyone who would like them for €5 during the weekend.

Atelier Macumbista
Live sets with analog and self-made electronic instruments between 20-23h.
EUR 1-5 donation asked at the door for musicians.
Belgian IPA + Fine Bourbon at the bar

Derek Holzer: Atelier Macumba + special guests:
Derek Holzer http://macumbista.net
Taavi Varm http://www.varmstudio.com
Ksenija Ladic http://www.ksenijaladic.com/
Helena Lingor http://www.tbaberlin.de/
Richard Scott + Pierre Alexandre Tremblay http://richard-scott.net http://www.pierrealexandretremblay.com


Catering by: Canteen 55
Saturday, May 2nd "Mutant Wurst" - a 3 course transformation sausage lunch (veggie available)

Sunday, May 3rd "Sunday Roast" from 17-19h
tickets to be purchased in advance at Canteen 55
or reservation via PM possible