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Artvent 2017

Kreativ, vielseitig und bunt: Künstler der HB55 Kunstfabrik laden Sie ein, am 15. Dezember von 16 - 20 Uhr und am 16. Dezember von 14 - 20 Uhr die vor Ort hergestellten Werke kennenzulernen. Auf dem gemeinsamen Weihnachtsmarkt stellen die Künstler ihre Objekte der unterschiedlichen Gattungen wie Grafik, Malerei oder dem Kunsthandwerk zum Verkauf aus. Kommen Sie vorbei und finden sie garantiert einzigartige Geschenke! Organisiert wird das Event durch die jungen Betondesigner von juneaq, die in der HB55 ihre Werkstatt betreiben.

Freitag, den 15.12.2017, 16 - 20 Uhr
Samstag, den 16.12.2017, 14 - 20 Uhr

Elisabeth Gecius
Die Künstlerin Elisabeth Gecius verkauft Bilder ihrer Serie "Frauen". Von großen Leinwänden bis hin zu kleinen Bildern.

AmStrand_70_70_cm.jpg KeniaNr2_50x70_cm.jpg
Kenia_60x80_cm.jpg LilaHut59x42cm.jpg


entwirft und fertigt seit 2017 einzigartige Möbel und Wohnaccessoires aus Beton. Dabei bewegen wir uns gestalterisch nicht nur im klassischen grau-kubischem Design. Wir bringen Beton in außergewöhnliche Formen und Farben, wie Sie sie noch nie gesehen haben. Dafür kombinieren wir Wissen aus einem Bauingenieurstudium mit jahrelanger Erfahrungen aus der 3D-Gestaltung und des Betonbaus.



juneaq_7987.jpg IMG_8003a.jpg

lampe_becken_5_von_5.jpg Lampe_14.jpg

Thor Karlsen | Glass Artist

White_Splash_White_Fused_Glass_Art_Thor_Karlsen_Glass_Artist.jpg Air_Circle-Torso_GlassArt_Thor_KarlsenGlass_Artist.jpg

Zahra Luengo
works through the experimentation with advertisements, graphic material and affiches founded and collected around the Metropolis that she explores. Uncovering the anatomy of the wallpapers, striping the streets or shedding the old skin of its walls. And so began their conversation which developed into a secret intimate language between the artist and the city. She asks questions and looks for hidden messages which Berlin cleverly hides. She reads them, collects them and puts them back together in a new creation, as a re-glued pieces of skin carrying the geography of past movements and the background map of the city as a grand collage.

collage_stelar.jpg DSC_1118.jpg
Selfportrait.jpg from_above.jpg
DSC_0615.jpg Foto6.jpg

Silvia Paci


In my artistic research the body plays the most important role, it is the tool that allows us to be in contact with the world. In my paintings , always appears some bodies, rarely perfectly realized. These ephemeral figures express the passage of the human being into a chaotic world. Within my work , different situation are visually intersected. Modern chaos is represented by overlapping layers of painting. Colors that evoke fear or discomfort in contrast with others who invoke hope, elements of distruction alternate with pleasing elements. This is the reality that i see, a constant alternation between negative and positive forces, hope and despair. I try to create images that are not discounted,  but i want them let the viewer wonder what is happening on the canvas. I love to create ambiguous images where everybody can create their own story. The technique of oil painting allows me to create a visual difference where more dense and violent brush stokes alternate with more defined tones. This technique allows me to create a rhythm within the work.

image1.jpg image4.jpg


Frank Arndt | Studio AU

plates1con_0.jpeg abc_postkarte_a5_160901.pdf (1.71 MB)

Jarkko Räsänen
is artist from Finland. He has studied MFA in Helsinki University of Arts with Erasmus exchange in UDK. He creates photography and videos based on his self-programmed image editing programs. He is currently exhibiting in Ars’17 organized by Kiasma museum of contemporary art. Prints from different series are on sale.

caribeanblues_by_jarkkorasanen.jpg kepler_by_jarkkorasanen.jpg

Anastasia Mikhaylova
’s artworks render between the inside and the outside. Her subject is the body under the influence of light. The use of photogram technique by now has emancipated itself as her own form of artistic expression that finds its way throughout different types of media like printed graphic works, sculptures, video and photography. Text: Kerstin Godschalk

YourNoghtmare.jpg Metamorphosis.jpg

Lexander Prokogh